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Alder Health views financial assistance programs as a powerful resource in our efforts to improve the health outcomes of individuals living with HIV/AIDS in South Central Pennsylvania.

While addressing immediate financial challenges being experienced by HIV-positive individuals, Alder Health’s Financial and Housing Assistance programs work with individuals enrolled in HIV case management to look beyond their immediate financial need in order to examine their long-term housing and financial outlook and assist them in making any necessary changes to their budgets/lifestyle which would allow them to better live within their financial constraints.

A key purpose of medical Case Management is assuring that the client is linked to HIV medical care (including HIV Case Management) and that through the assistance offered, the client improves his/her ability to access care and remain adherent to his/her HIV treatment program.

For many HIV-related housing and financial assistance programs, individuals must be actively enrolled in HIV case management in order to be eligible to submit an application for consideration. The application approval process may take 7-10 business days.

Services Provided

  1. Housing Support – The Ryan White Housing Support Program aids individuals living with HIV and their families with rental assistance if they are behind in making rent payments as a result of poor health, an illness or the costs of HIV treatment.
  2. Utility and Medical Bill –Available in limited amounts, emergency financial assistance offers HIV+ individuals and their families the ability to access utility assistance. In order to be considered for emergency financial assistance, the individual must be enrolled in HIV case management services and must complete the appropriate application.

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