Behavioral Interventions

Mpowerment Program:

Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM): Community-level intervention for young gay/bisexual men of diverse backgrounds.  It mobilizes men to reduce sexual risk taking, distributes condoms and lubricant, encourages regular HIV testing, builds positive social connections and supports peers to have safer sex.

  • Intervention ties to developing friendships, having fun, and enhancing self-esteem.
  • Peer-based and use of peer influence.
  • Setting where young men can express their identities with each other, find support, and band together to take actions on issues of importance to them.
  • They take ownership of the Project rather than having the Project carried out for them.
  • Informal and formal outreach.
  • Activities and events.

Community Promise:

People Who Inject Drugs (PWID): Community-level intervention that focuses on the influencing risk factors that put members of a specific population at risk for HIV. These are persons or groups who practice HIV risk behaviors (PWID, MSM, HIV+, sex workers).

  • Aims to increase condom use, condom carrying, bleach use, and drug-related risk-reduction behaviors.
  • Peer advocates distribute materials containing messages that address the prevention needs of different populations. Besides reducing risk behaviors, the prevention messages can be used to encourage peers to seek HIV counseling and testing services, partner counseling and referral services, and other prevention and treatment services.