The pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication Truvada has been proven effective in substantially lowering the HIV infection rate in men who have sexual relations with other men. You may have heard of PrEP, a method of helping to prevent HIV in men, and may be wondering how to get a Truvada prescription in Harrisburg, PA. The drug gained U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 2011. Here is some information regarding PrEP and Truvada in Harrisburg, PA.

prep-pillWhat Is PrEP Exposure HIV Treatment in Harrisburg?

The Centers for Disease Control has recommended the use of PrEP to help prevent HIV from sex as well as intravenous drug use. Studies have shown the PrEP treatment for HIV in Harrisburg, PA can be very effective in providing protection, as long as patients take the drug exactly as prescribed and do not miss any doses.

Use of PrEP Truvada in Harrisburg, PA results in little to no side effects, either in the short-term or the long-term. However, just like any medication, you must have a detailed discussion with your doctor to make sure you can take it. You will need to be screened for Hepatitis B as well as HIV to make sure your blood cells, liver and kidneys are healthy enough to take the drug.

Why Choose PrEP Truvada in Harrisburg, PA?

Alder Health Services offers PrEP treatment for HIV in Harrisburg, PA in an honest environment that is free of judgment. However, many men are hesitant to talk about their sex lives with their health care providers — especially if they do not use condoms regularly. If you do not use protection each and every time you have sex, then you should seriously consider taking Truvada.

Men who are at a high risk of HIV may be able to reduce that risk by as much as 90 percent by taking Truvada. But it is extremely important to note that the drug will not be nearly as effective if you do not take it exactly as prescribed. Truvada has undergone rigorous study among men who have sex with other men as well as those who use drugs intravenously. While some people have reported mild side effects, such as an upset stomach, these issues typically dissipated within a few weeks.

Where Can I Get the PrEP Pill in Harrisburg, PA?

Alder Health Services offers PrEP Truvada in Harrisburg, PA. When you come into our office, we will provide a thorough consultation to make sure the medication is right for you. In order for the drug to be effective, you must be HIV-negative and follow an HIV prevention plan.

It is important to remember taking the PrEP pill in Harrisburg, PA may not be enough to keep you from getting an infection. You must also follow safer sex practices, including using condoms correctly on a regular basis. In addition, we will want you to come into our office for a confidential HIV test every three months. We can also help you learn skills that are essential for both physical and emotional health.

During your consultation, we will talk about how you can pay for PrEP treatment for HIV in Harrisburg, PA. The cost may be covered by your insurance, or you may qualify for a patient assistance program. If you would like to learn more, please contact Alder Health Services online or call (717) 233-7190.

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