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Tell Congress To Move Forward On ACA

Today, we celebrate the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision onKing v. Burwell that upholds ACA health-insurance subsidies in all states! The decision protects health care access for the 6.5 million Americans currently received federal subsidies for insurance plans purchased through the federal exchange and firmly establishes the ACA as the law of the land.

Since its passage, the ACA has helped millions of people get more affordable insurance and gain health coverage for the first time, including many people living with HIV.

Despite the ruling, ACA opponents in Congress – who have tried 56 times to repeal the law – continue to call for defunding and dismantling the health care system. AIDS United joins advocates across the country in saying Enough is Enough. The ACA is the law of the land. Opponents in Congress should stop getting in the way and start working with their colleagues to ensure the successful implementation of the law.


Original Article From AIDS UNITED Policy Action Center

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