A Few Ways You Can Make a Difference…

Now offering primary care, mental health services, STD screening and treatment, and HIV/AIDS services. Volunteers are essential to the Agency’s efforts to meet the growing health needs in our community.

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In 1985, a non-profit organization was born from the drive, energy and compassion of volunteers in Lancaster County as they strove to meet the challenges faced by individuals, families and communities in the early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Central Pennsylvania.

While much has changed since the early years of all-volunteer services offered out of a church basement in Lancaster County, Alder Health Services continues to embody the creative and compassionate spirit which led our organization’s founders to offer strong, resourceful and affirming community-based solutions to challenges in our community.

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Primary Care & Mental Health Services

  • Patient Greeter -— Answer the phones and greet patients upon their arrival at either of the Alder Health Services Health Centers. Create the warm, welcoming environment that Alder Health strives to provide for those accessing our services and programs.
  • Certified Application Counselor -— Learn the ins and outs of how to register for and enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplaces created as a part of the Affordable Care Act. Assist individuals from the community in the enrollment process.
  • Advocate -— Become a champion for access to quality, accessible and affordable care for individuals in our community who have traditionally been marginalized by the mainstream healthcare system.

STD Screening & Treatment Program

  • Patient Registration -— Serve as a key element in the Agency’s weekly STD testing and treatment programs offered in Harrisburg and Lancaster. Create a welcoming environment while assisting individuals complete appropriate pre-screening questionnaires and make participants feel comfortable and accepted while waiting to see the Agency’s STD program staff. Alder Health’s STD program is available Wednesdays from 1PM to 8PM in Harrisburg.

Alder Health Leadership

  • The Board of Directors -— Provide leadership to Alder Health Services as a member of the board of directors. The board sets the direction for all programming offered by Alder Health Services, establishing goals and assuring that the Agency is meeting community needs. Board members are a visible and active advocate in the community for Alder Health and the individuals served by the Agency each day.

Friend Raising & Fundraising

  • Community Host -— Introduce your friends to the services and programs of Alder Health Services. Two years after many of the health and wellness services at Alder Health were launched, many in the community remain unaware of the programming available here in our region. You invite a group of friends. Alder Health provides the information. Being a Community Host can be that easy. Events may be held at either Alder Health location or a setting of your choosing.
  • Pride in the Park Planning Committee -— Plan, market and host this wonderful community-building opportunity at Hershey Park – the Annual Gay Day at HersheyPark hosted by Alder Health Services.
  • Event Committees -— Step up to help plan and host Special Events hosted by Alder Health throughout the year.
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Ready To Do Something?

Many of the volunteer opportunities mentioned require some additional training and a clear understanding of confidentiality.
To learn more, to sign-up to help or to offer a suggestion on how you may be able to best assist Alder Health Services please contact us now!

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