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LGBT-Friendly Health Providers in Harrisburg

Alder Health is committed to providing a unique, holistic view of health through several integrated health services. We offer a relaxed, supportive, non-judgmental environment where our patients can address both their physical and behavioral health under one roof. Our goal is to provide a safe, affirming environment where people can be honest about their issues because they know they will receive the understanding care they need. We are the only LGBT-focused health care provider within 120 miles of Harrisburg, so if you are anywhere in the area, you know you have a place to turn to.

The staff members with Alder Health Services are LGBT-friendly health providers in Harrisburg with a passion for offering integrated health services in an affirming, safe environment. We are devoted not only to their physical health, but their emotional health as well.

Trans Health Providers in Harrisburg, PA

If you are seeking Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), we will provide you with the care and consultations to make sure you are informed of your options.

Primary Care

Alder Health Services addresses both the physical and emotional needs of the people we serve. We are Central Pennsylvania’s only LGBT-friendly health care provider that delivers high-level care in an open, accepting and comfortable setting. When you schedule an appointment, we will ensure you have enough time to discuss your health needs with our staff.

Your Primary Care medical provider’s task is coordinating your routine medical care (physical exams, labs, test results, etc.). Alder Health’s primary care program is to work with individuals to live healthy and happy lives. Alder Health views Trans* health care as a fully integrated part of our primary care program. Our medical providers are culturally competent and trained to provide quality care and hormone treatment.

Behavioral Health

Our Behavioral Health department seeks to provide a safe and affirming environment for individuals to explore different areas of their lives. Alder Health’s behavioral health staff is skilled in working with individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression, gender identity, affect and infected by HIV/AIDS, general or major life adjustments, trauma, sexuality, etc.

Our commitment to the whole person is a major component of our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender healthcare in central PA. Alder Health Services offers couples and individual behavioral health therapy, medication management, and psychiatric evaluations. All of our behavioral health therapists are masters’ level clinicians who are passionate about the LGBT community.

If you would like to learn more about our commitment to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender health in Harrisburg, PA, call Alder Health Services at 717.233.7190 or contact us online.


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