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What We Do

Our Philosophy


At Alder Health Services, we're passionate about creating a welcoming and accepting environment that encourages our patients and clients make the best possible decisions regarding their healthcare and well-being. To achieve this, we aim to build strong, honest, and lasting relationships while offering a holistic approach to health that includes a wide range of services that address both mental and physical health needs.  


What are our clients saying about us?

"Everything was perfect. So nice to go to a place where everyone accepts you for who you are." 

- Maya

"The staff was very friendly and polite, as was the DR. I've seen. I've been to many different Dr's but none have been quite as friendly or courteous as at Alder Health Services. Keep up the great work."

- Anonymous 

"I was very pleased with my visit - everyone was professional and courteous. My wait time was short and I received quality care."

- Anonymous