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The History Of Pride

At Alder Health Services, we strive to preserve the physical and emotional well-being of the LGBT community. Our compassionate staff devotes their time, knowledge and experience to provide integrated health services in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. Pride Month is a uniquely empowering time of the year for our staff and clients. We invite those unfamiliar with this celebration of gay, bi and trans pride to learn more about LGBT Pride Month and discover ways you can join these festivities around the country.

What Is Pride?

Pride is a feeling of satisfaction in one’s self. It’s possible to define it in a collective context as the confidence and self-respect expressed by members of a group who share similar identities, cultures or experiences. When we discuss the concept of gay pride, it means not only positive acceptance of yourself as an individual who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender but also a sense of honor or fulfillment in belonging to the greater LGBT community as a whole.

Gay pride is a movement as much as it a celebration of individuality. Demonstrating pride in everyday life is a way of protesting the injustices, violence, and inequities many in the LGBT community faced in the past and present. Pride raises awareness for issues the LGBT community continues to encounter, advocates for equal rights, promotes self-affirmation and encourages society to actively prevent the discrimination and violence that still occurs.

There are many diverse ways to showcase LGBT pride. Gestures like sporting the gay pride flag, advocating for policy changes that positively impact the gay community and supporting other LGBT individuals by embracing and accepting them for who they are in all contexts are all symbolic victories in the progress for global gay pride awareness. Many events throughout the year, like parades, festivals and demonstrations, support LGBT causes, and one of the most prominent by far is National LGBT Pride Month.

When Is Pride Month?

Men and women from many different walks of life celebrate LGBT pride daily. Though every day is an opportunity to honor the beauty and uniqueness of who you are, June is the most special month for many in the LGBT community. Throughout the nation, people celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month — or LGBT Pride Month, for short. We also celebrate the final Sunday in June nationally as Gay Pride Day.

Whom Does Pride Month Celebrate?

June has received national recognition — privately and publicly via a proclamation from the White House — as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. Though the phrasing of this declaration specifically highlights four terms of identification within the LGBT community, it is not an exhaustive list of those whom Pride Month celebrates. How an individual identifies themselves is essential, and one of the most meaningful objectives of Pride Month is to ensure all people — no matter how they choose to identify themselves — feel accepted and embraced by their communities.

Pride Month celebrates all those who identify as one or more of the LGBT+ gender or sexuality descriptions, including those who are:

·         Lesbian

·         Gay

·         Bisexual

·         Transgender

·         Queer

·         Questioning

·         Intersex

·         Allies

·         Asexual

·         Pansexual

Though this is not the full list of terms people use to identify their gender or sexuality, it does include those who Pride Month also celebrates. Pride Month does not exclude anyone based on gender or sexuality, which is why the festivities in June are equally open to those who are still exploring their identities. Even for those who identify as straight and cisgender, Pride Month celebrates allies of the LGBT+ community who continue to support and advocate for genuine, unbiased equality.



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