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Improve Your Mental State by Incorporating These Habits Into Your Self-Care Routine

Improve Your Mental State by Incorporating These Habits Into Your Self-Care Routine

Self-care is all about improving your daily habits to contribute to a more healthy and fulfilling life. After all, what you do on a daily basis is more indicative of future circumstances than most other factors. Too often we focus on large and symbolic changes that only happen every once in a while, and end up with no long-term impact on our lives. Consistency is the most difficult part of developing new habits, but small, positive changes can quickly add up. Whether you’re beginning a new workout routine or finding ways to use tech to reduce stress, here are some simple habits to implement into your self-care routine for an improved mental state. 

Start a fitness routine. 

As Better Health Channel explains, consistent exercise is one of the most important factors contributing to a healthy lifestyle. It brings the ability to ward off both physical and mental ailments while providing a greater quality of life overall. Many people find the hardest part of a fitness plan is getting started - once you see yourself growing stronger and healthier, it’s ample incentive to keep up the good work. With that in mind, consider adding a fitness tracker to help you gauge your progress. 

The Apple Watch Series 4 has comprehensive fitness capabilities, like monitoring your distance, heart rate, and workout duration, but there is much more than that. It also has additional health and safety features, such as a built-in ECG app and the ability to call for help if you get into trouble. It reminds you to get moving if you have been stationary for too long and can remind you to de-stress with a few deep breaths on a regular basis. 

For those who prefer a non-Apple product, CNET points out the Fitbit Versa also provides comprehensive fitness features like workout-tracking, step tracking, and even heart rate monitoring. Whatever option you choose, having the quiet encouragement of a tracker will help you stick to it!

Reduce stress and anxiety. 

Stress and anxiety are two detrimental emotions that take a major toll on the human body when experienced for prolonged periods of time. Reducing these feelings is a necessary part of any impactful self-care routine. Healthy habits such as meditation, getting enough sleep, yoga, running, and even smiling can be effective methods for warding off these negative emotions. Some people even turn to essential oils to help with stress and anxiety, especially when combined with activities like meditation and yoga.

Don’t be afraid to “beautify” yourself.

For some people, the key to self-care is paying attention to their appearance, which may involve updating their wardrobe, picking up beauty care products, or changing their hairstyles. For example, if you want to tackle your hair on your own, you could pick up a trustworthy pair of hair clippers that won’t make you nervous. If you’re looking to update your closet without spending a ton of money, dig through second-hand shops and online thrift stores. The point is to do something that makes you look and feel incredible.

Don’t be afraid to say “no.” 

Saying “yes” is often associated with a more optimistic lifestyle and meaningful experiences. While being an open and adventurous person can have a lot of advantages, it’s still important to exercise your “no” muscle at times. Not every opportunity that presents itself is going to be worth your time or energy. 

Having the ability to set boundaries and steadfast rules can help you remain a confident, self-reliant, and stable person. “No” can keep you from engaging in situations that go against your personal taste or moral standards - or just draining time and energy you would be better off investing elsewhere. When you find the right balance between “yes” and “no,” your daily routine will be simplified and more in tune with your personal goals. 

If you’re struggling to improve your mental and physical well-being, consider investing in a daily self-care routine. Choose a handful of effective and manageable habits and consistently practice them until it becomes second nature. You’ll be surprised at how fast positive changes come about when you set your mind on improving your life. 

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